Q: What are the three most common ways that annular cutters break?

    1. U-Shaped: A U-shaped break is caused by a hard spot in the metal. Hard spots are found most often on mild and high tensile steels. This break can be avoided by going up and down with the cutter when a hard spot is encountered. Trying to force the cutter through a hard spot will only increase the likelihood of a break.
    2. V-Shaped: A V-shaped break is caused by end user error. Most often associated with pushing to hard on the drill.
    3. Shatter Break: A shatter break is caused be running the drill at an rpm that is too fast.

Q: How do I use a Quick Hitch Mag Drill?

To properly mount a tool to a Quick Hitch Mag Drill you need to line one of the flats on the tools shank with the locking shoe inside the drills arbor. The locking shoe can be seen when looking up into the arbor, and will recess when putting a tool into the drill. If the tool is not properly aligned than it will lock up when the drill is active and break the locking shoe. This will render the drill inoperable until repaired.

Q: What are the advantages of an ANYCUT blade as opposed to an abrasive blades?

By maintaining their full cutting depth, ANYCUT blades are able to cut up to 70x more than abrasive blades in their life time (dependent upon the material you are cutting, and the condition that you keep your tools in). ANYCUT blades also have the added bonus of having 30% less sparking than their abrasive counterparts. Thanks to the superior quality of ANYCUT, if you are not completely satisfied with its performance you can return this product used within 7 days of receipt! We will refund you in full for the ANYCUT product subtotal (excludes shipping charges) on your order.

Q: As an operator, what will I like about ANYCUT blades?

Unlike traditional abrasive blades, ANYCUT blades have many benefits specifically designed with operator safety in mind. Traditional abrasive blades shrink throughout their life span, creating a possible hazardous situation when the blades start to break apart. This is a problem that you will never encounter with ANYCUT blades, which will never shrink. Another benefit you will find from using ANYCUT blades is the time you save by not having to change out blades. This is due to the fact that one blade will be able to cut through practically any material that you may be working with.

Q: When will I get my order?

All orders ship 'ground' service unless customer requests otherwise. All orders received after 3:00 PM EST will ship the following day. Metal Tools USA makes shipments Monday thru Friday (excluding National Holidays). Standard delivery days are Monday thru Friday (excluding National Holidays). Most orders within the contiguous USA will be delivered in 2-3 business days.

Q: How do I choose a shipping option other than Ground?

To ship with a quicker delivery option than ground, email us the products you plan to purchase as well as the zip code you will be having the package shipped to. We will give a prompt response with a quote for all available shipping options along with their corresponding prices.

Once you have chosen your desired shipping option, let us know and we will send you a link for a product that will cover the cost for shipping minus the $9.95 that you will pay at checkout.

Q: What if I placed the order before paying for the extra shipping fees?

If you have already placed the order before paying for the extra shipping fees, you can simply place a new order that covers the remaining shipping fees. We will send you a link for a product that will cover the cost for shipping minus the $9.95 that you already paid on the previous order. We will also provide a temporary coupon code that will allow you to be exempt from the $9.95 shipping charge on your new order.

Q: How do I get an invoice receipt for my purchase?

Shortly after you place an order with us you will be emailed an order confirmation/invoice receipt.



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