Unibor is a global leader in the design and manufacture of cutting tools for industry. A division of OSL Cutting Technologies, the Original Name in Holecutting, whose manufacturing heritage dates back to 1864. With over 150 years of manufacturing excellence, Unibor has a solution for any of your metal holecutting needs. Their wide range of magnetic drills, annular cutters, step drills, hole saws and more are market leaders in design and manufacture. With two manufacturing sites in Sheffield, England and a global supply chain, Unibor delivers one of the strongest product offerings to our customers. Unibor USA is serviced by their team and facilities in Lombard, Illinois who have over 35 years’ experience servicing the USA industrial market.

Diteq Diamond Tools & Equipment

Diteq is a complete source for high-quality metal cutting blades. Diteq has some of the world's most innovative metallurgical engineering with their ANYCUT technology. ANYCUT blades are faster, safer, cleaner and lighter while having a much longer life which saves workers' time from constant wheel changes. Unlike abrasives, these vacuum-bonded diamond wheels maintain their full cutting depth and have 30% less sparking. ANYCUT: The professional's best choice for any material.

Diamond Products (including Core Bore and Core Cut)

Diamond Products is one of the largest manufacturers of diamond tools in the United States. They are based just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. In 1964 Diamond Products began focusing on diamond cutting tools for the construction industry. Since then, the company has expanded its product lines to include diamond blades, grinding tools, and other products for the metal-cutting industry.


Tyrolit is an Austrian company that develops, manufactures and markets abrasive products as well as concrete sawing and drilling equipment. With 26 production locations on 5 continents, the TYROLIT group belongs to the world’s largest producers of bonded abrasives. Tyrolit was cofounded on February 13th, 1919 by Daniel Swarovski to manufacture grinding wheels for the production of Swarovski crystals. During World War I, the Swarovski Group was cut off from supplies of grinding wheels, and was thus forced to develop and produce its own grinding wheels. After the war, it was decided to commercialize this activity and to start a separate company: thus, Tyrolit was born.

Husqvarna Construction Products (including Target, Partner, and Felker)

Founded in 1689 in Sweden, Husqvarna has a very extensive product range with everything from industrial to comercial equipment. When the company started, they produced what were probably the finest muskets of the day. And it was then that they lay the foundation for the engineering expertise that has since helped develop some of the world's best products. Husqvarna Construction Products, part of Husqvarna AB, is a world leader in machinery and diamond tools for the construction industry.


Pullman-Holt is an 85 year old, world-class manufacturer of HEPA vacuums and powered floor care equipment. Pullman-Holt started manufacturing HEPA vacuums for the Navy in 1963. In the 70's, Pullman-Holt introduced a line of magenta colored HEPA vacuums designed specifically for the nuclear energy industry. In 1985, the company introduced the first wet/dry HEPA vacuum to address new government required work practices for asbestos removal. This breakthrough design helped make Pullman-Holt a market leader in HEPA vacuums. Today, Pullman-Holt offers one of the broadest lines of portable HEPA vacuums sold to the Safety/Environmental, Restoration and Construction markets. There are dry-only and wet/dry models for recovering a wide range of hazardous materials including silica, lead, mold and anthrax.

NaceCare Solutions

NaceCare Solutions is proud to provide a full array of first class systems and equipment for the commercial and industrial cleaning industry. As a leading player since 1985, they act as a resource for customers who value attention to detail, commitment to reliability and dedication to innovation. Their experience, focus and appreciation for the various environments facing customers means NaceCare Solutions is the preferred supplier of choice for fulfilling virtually any cleaning requirement.

Lackmond Products, Inc.

For over two decades, Lackmond Products, Inc. has provided high-quality professional diamond tools for cutting, grinding, polishing, and drilling that meet the needs of today's most demanding markets. Their commitment to research and development is unmatched, and they truly believe that customer satisfaction always comes first. Lackmond prides itself in being a family owned company with people who care.


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