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Diteq Diamond Tools & Equipment

Diteq is a complete source for high-quality metal cutting blades. Diteq has some of the world's most innovative metallurgical engineering with their ANYCUT technology. ANYCUT blades are faster, safer, cleaner and lighter while having a much longer life which saves workers' time from constant wheel changes. Unlike abrasives, these vacuum-bonded diamond wheels maintain their full cutting depth and have 30% less sparking. ANYCUT: The professional's best choice for any material.

Diamond Products (including Core Bore and Core Cut)

Diamond Products is one of the largest manufacturers of diamond tools in the United States. They are based just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. In 1964 Diamond Products began focusing on diamond cutting tools for the construction industry. Since then, the company has expanded its product lines to include diamond blades, grinding tools, and other products for the metal-cutting industry.

Husqvarna Construction Products (including Target, Partner, and Felker)

Founded in 1689 in Sweden, Husqvarna has a very extensive product range with everything from industrial to comercial equipment. When the company started, they produced what were probably the finest muskets of the day. And it was then that they lay the foundation for the engineering expertise that has since helped develop some of the world's best products. Husqvarna Construction Products, part of Husqvarna AB, is a world leader in machinery and diamond tools for the construction industry.

Lackmond Products, Inc.

For over two decades, Lackmond Products, Inc. has provided high-quality professional diamond tools for cutting, grinding, polishing, and drilling that meet the needs of today's most demanding markets. Their commitment to research and development is unmatched, and they truly believe that customer satisfaction always comes first. Lackmond prides itself in being a family owned company with people who care.


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