Tyrolit Premium 2-in-1 Steel/Stainless Steel Cut-Off Wheel (25 Pack)

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Tyrolit Premium 2-in-1 Steel/Stainless Steel Cut-Off Wheel

This high performance premium cut-off wheel is made for exemplary performance! The super-thin design provides an ease of operation, clean cutting surfaces, shorter cutting times, minimal burring, less cutting waste and dust, and reduced machine load. 

Applications Include:

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel

Tyrolit abrasives are carefully selected of the highest quality shape, hardness, and toughness. These blades are able to achieve faster cutting and a longer life, while also being more heat resistant and providing a self sharpening effect. Due to computer controlled abrasive grit size distribution, Tyrolit is able to maintain a consistent reliable performance. By having resin coated abrasive grains, there is no chipping off of grain clusters. This resin coating has a consistent and dense bond structure, which means no overheating and a high safety against breakage.

Intended for use on 90° Right Angle Grinder


Abrasive Safety Information